Some may lead you to believe that “SEO is dead.” Google what search term and what comes back reciprocally are quite 800,000 search results. However, the very fact that SEO has changed dramatically within the last decade doesn't mean that it's dead, it simply means it's changed. Companies now got to adopt new and unique approaches to SEO to win the endless game in SERPs.

Below you'll find our greatest WordPress SEO tips to assist you optimize your website and luxuriate in SEO success. But only one quick word of warning first: the following pointers and tricks apply to those running self-hosted WordPress sites, not the hosted version of the platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is that the world’s hottest content management system, managing 35% of the whole internet and activating many of the sites that you simply are likely to browse a day , including BBC America,, and TechCrunch. Even the Rolling Stones use WordPress for his or her official website. If it works for these global giants, you'll see why it's the proper choice for several website developers.

WordPress started as a blogging platform in 2003 but quickly became a strong and versatile solution for running entire websites, and by 2020 it also can be used as an e-commerce solution.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress alone isn't a substitute for a solid SEO strategy, and while there's no denying that CMS saves time and helps you adhere to inexperienced best practices, you would like to know that you simply need to exerting to rank your site on Google.

Your choice of CMS doesn't determine whether or not you'll rank well unless your site experiences major technical issues that prevent it from being crawled and indexed.

You shouldn’t consider WordPress as a magic weapon without the additional effort; it takes time and energy . SEO can get technical very quickly, but the sweetness of WordPress makes it easily accessible to those that are inexperienced or maybe those that don't qualify as technical.

#1. WWW vs non-WWW domain

If you're just starting your site, the primary question you'll have is whether or not you ought to use www and the way it affects WordPress SEO. It’s very simple; there's no SEO benefit in having www in your domain. this may not affect your ranking in any way. But that doesn’t mean you ought to always use no www. So why do websites still use www? 

#2. Install an SEO plugin for WordPress

WordPress able to use is already excellent when it involves SEO. However, we always recommend that folks install an SEO plugin when working with the WordPress site.

This gives you complete control over the optimization of what Google sees on your site. In terms of recognition , free Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO Pack plugin steal the scene with its end-to-end optimization features. We highly recommend the Yoast SEO plugin and, in fact, much of this WordPress SEO checklist will have examples that use this plugin.Yoast’s SEO plugin allows you to write down better content with the analysis of pages and keywords, automatically generate XML site maps, enable browsing paths, add social and schema marks, and lots of other optimizations.

#3. Setup Friendly Permalinks

By default, WordPress provides strange permanent links (URL structure) that are simply not very clean. The default structure currently inserts the day and name within the URL as shown below.

Google likes URLs that contain the title or keywords of your post, but shorter URLs are usually better. We recommend using the permanent link setting ” post Name”, because it is clean and may still benefit you using the title or keyword within the URL. The format seems like this:

You can change to a permanent link structure ” post Name” by clicking “Permanent Links” within the setup menu within the WordPress panel. Select “Publish Name” and click on “Save Changes.”

#4. Always use attention keyword

When it involves WordPress SEO, it's important to recollect that Google remains a computer algorithm, so keywords are still important in 2020. you ought to definitely write to your visitors and customers, as recommended by Google, but write intelligently.

You can easily write to your audience considering the simplest SEO optimizations. And remember, other search engines like Bing and Yahoo sometimes rely even more on what some call outdated SEO practices.Every time you write a blog post or publish a page on your WordPress site, you ought to always have a keyword focused . Publishing a post to urge more content isn't enough. we'll go further to the keyword search below. Using the Yoast SEO plugin, you'll easily define the main target keyword you would like to write down about.

#5. Importance of Title Tags

It is important that you simply simply have your main “focus keyword” that you want to rank in your blog or page title tag. Brian Dean, an SEO expert, recommends placing your keyword at the start of the title if possible, as this may have more weight within the search engines.

You can manually configure a title tag within the Yoast SEO plugin as shown below. Please note that Google features a visible limit of 65 characters, so if you check it, it's going to not appear. Now they're really linked to pixels, but Yoast SEO uses characters, which may be a close approximation.

And confine mind that title tags not only affect SEO but also their click-through rate (CTR). Some reported seeing a 20% increase within the CTR just by making small adjustments to their titles.

#6. Increase the CTR with Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions don't affect your WordPress SEO when it involves rankings. However, meta descriptions affect your CTR. A better-written meta description can motivate the user to click on your post rather than above or below it within the SERPs.

And it's been said that the upper the CTR you've got , the more relevant Google are going to be to guage your data and rank it higher. So, to some extent, meta descriptions can affect your ranking. But not within the traditional sense. you'll configure your meta description manually within the Yoast SEO plugin.

Previously, there was a 156 character limit. Google updated this in December 2017 to 320 characters, on the other hand reversed the changes to 150 and 170 characters. Anything that's not visible within the SERPs.

#7. Should i exploit Meta Keywords?

Meta keywords are really a thing of the past. We are simply including this in our list for those that wonder if they ought to use meta keywords or not. the straightforward answer is not any . Google and Bing wont to believe meta keywords in their ranking algorithms, but they didn’t win.

It seems that Yahoo might still rely a touch on the meta keywords, but we don’t recommend using them simply for that reason. However, counting on the situation of your site, it's important to understand that the Russian program Yandex and therefore the Chinese Baidu still use meta keywords.

According to Yandex, – <meta name=”Keywords” content=”…”/> could also be wont to determine the relevance of the page for search queries.

#8. Image Alt Text

ALT text refers to the ALT attribute or alternative text applied to the pictures on your WordPress site. Google uses ALT tags to ascertain how relevant your image is to surrounding content.

They are also employed by screen readers for people with visual impairments. for instance , if someone was using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, ALT text can really assist you navigate the page better. you ought to always add ALT text to your images. And if you haven’t been, come and roll in the hay now.

Fortunately, with WordPress, you don’t got to know any code to feature ALT text, just add it by loading images within the media library or by clicking on a picture within the visual editor. 

#9. Focus Keyword within the First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the content and pages of your WordPress post is extremely important! it's always recommended to feature the main target keyword within the first paragraph if possible.

The reason is that Google crawls content from top to bottom, and if you discover your keyword, it can assist you consider your most relevant article for your topic. The Yoast SEO plugin still has control to form sure you're following these best practices.

#10. Content is king (word count)

The old saying “Content is king” remains alive and well. Google and visitors love high-quality content. generally , it's far better to publish higher-quality content and longer format than to publish shorter content more frequently.

This may vary, of course. If you're a news site, it might be the opposite way around. But long-format content has proven to be repeatedly successful in SERPs.In fact, 2,000 words or more should really be your new minimum today.

Neil Patel, a well known internet marketer, has a superb 2016 post about how long-format content can help boost your ranking. and that i can probably say that we saw an equivalent results here in tech4help

#11. Use short URLs

Google likes clean, organized and structured WordPress sites; This includes the utilization of short URLs. they will also assist you improve your CTR. MarketingSherpa conducted a study and located that executives are 250% more likely to click on an organic list if:

it had a reasonably short URL and

appeared directly below an inventory with an extended URL

Therefore, keeping your URLs as short as possible are often an excellent competitive advantage. the sole thing to stay in mind is that WordPress automatically creates a URL for you supported the title. For this post, we end with the following:

We can clean this up a touch and easily use our focus keyword.

#12. Fix broken links

Nobody likes broken links, and neither does Google. There are some ways to repair broken links on your WordPress site. the primary is just to register in Google Search Console. this is often one more reason why you ought to use it. If you click “Tracking errors” within the Tracking section, you'll see errors not found. you'll click on each error and see where the broken link is.

There are broken WordPress plugins, however, we don't recommend them because they impair the performance of your site. If you would like to scan your site for broken links, it's better to try to to one scan with a free online tool like Online Broken Link Checker


As you'll see, there are many WordPress SEO factors to think about when running your WordPress site. It can definitely be overwhelming if you’re just getting started, especially since not everything with SEO is black and white. Fortunately, the checklist and therefore the above tips assist you progress.